Is It Better to Drink Acid Water or Alkaline Water

Is it better to drink acid water or alkaline water When we drink water, we always hear that people have acidic water and alkaline water. What is acidic water and what is alkaline water? The pH of water is determined by the ions in the water. Another key factor is to see whether the water contains minerals and trace elements. Is it better to drink acid water or alkaline water? There are always arguments about this issue. Because the market is not mature, many businesses are hyping their selling points. Alkaline ion filter and micro electrolysis cup were once popular. They use seemingly scientific theories to promote that alkaline water can cure diseases and improve health. It can make kids smarter. It can make cells more active. It can adjust pH value and pH value of human body. Is this “weak alkaline water” really so magical? It is said that the pH value of alkaline and acidic water can be adjusted. Under normal conditions, the pH value of human body is between 7.0 and 7.4, neutral or weakly alkaline. With the aging of human cells or illness, it will become acidic constitution. But there is a certain scope. It is […]