China’s Largest Nitric Acid Absorption Tower Successfully Developed

The core equipment of the nitric acid plant, φ4600mm nitric acid absorption tower, has been successfully developed in Sichuan Blue Star Machinery Co. The absorption tower will be used in the largest 150,000 tons/year domestic nitric acid plant.

nitric acid absorption tower

This marks that China has the ability to independently design and manufacture this kind of large chemical equipment at the world technology level. It fills a long-standing gap in this field in China.

At present, the absorption tower has been shipped to the user enterprise Sichuan Meishan Jin Sheng Saerui Chemical Company.

The φ4600mm nitric acid absorption tower is manufactured in 3 sections and assembled on spot. Its diameter is 4.6 meters. Its length is 63.1 meters. The weight reaches 246 tons, and the output value of a single unit is 12 million RMB. All these data created the highest data for Blue Star Machinery Company in 40 years.

To improve the energy-saving and environmental protection performance of the equipment, so that the absorption rate of nitric acid mist reaches more than 99%, the tail gas nitrogen oxides ≤ 200ppm. It is necessary to ensure that the straightness deviation of any 3-meter-long cylinder section of the absorption tower must not be greater than 3 mm. 37 pieces of tower plate flatness deviation can not exceed 3 mm.

For this reason, the technical staff of Blue Star Machinery Company adopts laser technology to locate and recheck all the points from the reference scribing point. To ensure that each link is fine and precise.

Sichuan Meishan Jin Sheng Saerui Chemical Company spent a lot of money to import 1 set of 150,000 tons/year nitric acid plant from Ireland. Subsequently, the company decided to put on another set of 15 square tons/year plants to expand the production scale. However, due to the financial pressure of imported equipment, the company was determined to be the first one to eat “crabs” to realize the localization of the core equipment of the nitric acid absorption tower after repeated weighing. And finally, the task of localization was given to Blue Star Machinery Company.

For this reason, Blue Star Machinery Company set up a research and development team. This equipment was set as the company’s science and technology development project in 2006. In the manufacturing process of the equipment, the company adopted the international advanced sieve plate tower disc structure, coil structure, and strict processing technology. For the connection between the tube and the tube plate of the tower cooler, the company independently innovated and developed the welding technology of single-sided welding and double-sided forming of the inner hole, which is the first of its kind in China.

The successful localization of φ4600mm nitric acid absorption tower is of great significance to the construction of large nitric acid plants in China. It also marks a significant increase in the strength of Blue Star Machinery Company in manufacturing various large petrochemical key equipment.

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