Role of Water Treatment Chemical in Sludge Bulking

Role of water treatment chemical in sludge bulking Sludge bulking refers to the phenomenon that the sludge structure is very loose, the volume increases and floats, and it is difficult to settle and separate, which affects the quality of effluent. Sludge bulking is very difficult to deal with. The practical operation is not convenient. Therefore, we usually need to use water treatment chemical for one-step treatment. So, what is the role of water treatment chemical in sludge? 1. If it is caused by filamentous bacteria, it can be killed. Such as adding chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and other water treatment agents. 2. Improve the flocculation of activated sludge. Add flocculant and other water treatment chemicals. 3. Improve and improve the sedimentation and compactness of activated sludge. Add lime, etc. 4. Increase the amount of return sludge and carry out regenerative aeration before its return. 5. Aeration should be strengthened to increase the do value of the mixture. 6. The retention time of sludge in the second sedimentation tank is reduced. 7. Adjust sludge load. When it is more than 0.3KG, filamentous bacteria are easy to swell. Different types of water treatment chemicals should be added under different treatment requirements of […]