Is It Better to Drink Acid Water or Alkaline Water

Is it better to drink acid water or alkaline water

When we drink water, we always hear that people have acidic water and alkaline water. What is acidic water and what is alkaline water? The pH of water is determined by the ions in the water. Another key factor is to see whether the water contains minerals and trace elements.

Is it better to drink acid water or alkaline water?

There are always arguments about this issue. Because the market is not mature, many businesses are hyping their selling points. Alkaline ion filter and micro electrolysis cup were once popular. They use seemingly scientific theories to promote that alkaline water can cure diseases and improve health. It can make kids smarter. It can make cells more active. It can adjust pH value and pH value of human body. Is this “weak alkaline water” really so magical?

Is It Better to Drink Acid Water or Alkaline Water

It is said that the pH value of alkaline and acidic water can be adjusted. Under normal conditions, the pH value of human body is between 7.0 and 7.4, neutral or weakly alkaline. With the aging of human cells or illness, it will become acidic constitution. But there is a certain scope.

It is not true that the pH value of drinking water can be changed. In junior high school biology class should have learned. The pH value cannot be changed by the alkalinity or acidity of the outside world. The human body is a very precise system in which the pH value cannot be changed easily. If too much acid will become acidosis, too much alkali will become alkalosis, serious words will directly lead to death.

It is said that alkaline water can regulate the acid and alkali of stomach. It is well known that the stomach is acidic. Some manufacturers or agents take advantage of this to hype the concept and make full use of the problem. “Drinking weakly alkaline water can regulate the acidity and alkalinity of the stomach”, which is very naive. The stomach is always in a strong acid environment.

The function of gastric acid is to kill bacteria. It can make the stomach enzyme active and denaturate the protein in food. It is easy to decompose and digest. The stomach secretes a lot of acidic substances every day. No matter what water goes in, it becomes acidic. If drinking water makes our intestines and stomach alkaline, it helps harmful microbes. For example, parahaemolytics, Salmonella, these pathogenic microorganisms like the environment, are alkaline.

In fact, we usually drink water, as long as it is clean and does not contain harmful substances, it is healthy drinking water. It doesnt matter whether the water is acidic or alkaline. At present, the authoritative profession in the water treatment industry has not indicated that drinking acid water is not good.

In Japan, there is a longevity village with an average life span of over 90 years old, which attracts many scholars and experts to investigate. The results of the survey are in addition to the usual eating habits. Another characteristic is that the drinking water in this village is “acidic”. It can be seen that there is no clear regulation on whether to drink acidic water or alkaline water.

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