Is It Better to Drink Acid Water or Alkaline Water

Is it better to drink acid water or alkaline water When we drink water, we always hear that people have acidic water and alkaline water. What is acidic water and what is alkaline water? The pH of water is determined by the ions in the water. Another key factor is to see whether the water contains minerals and trace elements. Is it better to drink acid water or alkaline water? There are always arguments about this issue. Because the market is not mature, many businesses are hyping their selling points. Alkaline ion filter and micro electrolysis cup were once popular. They use seemingly scientific theories to promote that alkaline water can cure diseases and improve health. It can make kids smarter. It can make cells more active. It can adjust pH value and pH value of human body. Is this “weak alkaline water” really so magical? It is said that the pH value of alkaline and acidic water can be adjusted. Under normal conditions, the pH value of human body is between 7.0 and 7.4, neutral or weakly alkaline. With the aging of human cells or illness, it will become acidic constitution. But there is a certain scope. It is […]

Role of Water Treatment Chemical in Sludge Bulking

Role of water treatment chemical in sludge bulking Sludge bulking refers to the phenomenon that the sludge structure is very loose, the volume increases and floats, and it is difficult to settle and separate, which affects the quality of effluent. Sludge bulking is very difficult to deal with. The practical operation is not convenient. Therefore, we usually need to use water treatment chemical for one-step treatment. So, what is the role of water treatment chemical in sludge? 1. If it is caused by filamentous bacteria, it can be killed. Such as adding chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and other water treatment agents. 2. Improve the flocculation of activated sludge. Add flocculant and other water treatment chemicals. 3. Improve and improve the sedimentation and compactness of activated sludge. Add lime, etc. 4. Increase the amount of return sludge and carry out regenerative aeration before its return. 5. Aeration should be strengthened to increase the do value of the mixture. 6. The retention time of sludge in the second sedimentation tank is reduced. 7. Adjust sludge load. When it is more than 0.3KG, filamentous bacteria are easy to swell. Different types of water treatment chemicals should be added under different treatment requirements of […]

Difference Between Organic Polymer Flocculant and Inorganic Flocculant

Difference between organic flocculant agent and inorganic flocculant Compared with inorganic flocculant, the dosage of organic flocculant agent is less and the flocculation speed is faster. Due to the coexisting salts, the medium pH and environmental temperature have little influence on the sludge production. Moreover, the organic flocculant agent molecules can carry electrophilic groups. For example -COO and -OH. And it has chain, ring and other structures. This structure is favorable for pollutants to enter into flocs and has good decolorization. The chroma removal of organic flocculant agent is about 20% higher than that of inorganic flocculant. At present, polyacrylamide is widely used. It can adapt to a variety of flocculation objects, with less dosage, high efficiency, less sludge and easy post-treatment. It is often mixed with other inorganic flocculant agent, such as aluminum chloride. However, the monomer or hydrolytic and degradation products of synthetic polymer flocculants are often toxic. For example, the monomer of polyacrylamide has neurotoxicity, teratogenicity, carcinogenesis and mutagenicity. Introduction of flocculating water purifying agent ferrous sulfate There are many kinds of flocculant agent, including organic and inorganic. Today to recommend to you is a high-efficiency water purification agent. Everyday use is very common. Ferrous sulfate water […]

Application of Water Treatment Chemicals in Summer

Application of water treatment chemicals in summer The sewage treatment effect of sewage treatment plant in winter and summer was compared and analyzed. The results show that the average removal rate of COD and BOD is about 79% and 87% respectively. The effluent can meet the standard. The removal efficiency of COD and BOD had no significant difference between winter and summer. The removal effect of SS in summer is better than that in winter. The research results have important guiding significance and practical value for the design of urban sewage treatment plant. After nearly one hundred years of development, activated sludge process has made great progress in technology. Water treatment agent has become the main treatment technology of domestic sewage, urban sewage and organic industrial wastewater. This is one of the main methods to treat urban sewage. Activated sludge process is a method of artificial aeration, which makes the activated sludge evenly distributed and suspended in the aeration tank, fully contact with sewage, and under the condition of dissolved oxygen. What are the effects of water treatment chemicals on water quality? Water treatment is a series of processes to remove some unnecessary and harmful substances in water by physical […]

How does DBNPA Work in 2020?

DBNPA is short for 2,2-dibromo-3-Nitriloproion Amide. It is a broad-spectrum and highly effective industrial fungicide. DBNPA is mostly made use of to avoid the growth of bacteria and algae in papermaking, commercial distributing cooling water, mechanical lubricating substances, pulp, wood, paint, and plywood. This fungicide is currently the primary organic bromine fungicide. DBNPA can rapidly permeate microbial cell membranes. Act on certain protein teams. It will certainly quit the regular redox of the cell. The branch of DBNPA can likewise precisely bromide or oxidize special enzyme metabolites of microorganisms, which eventually causes cell fatality. DBNPA has a wide range of antiseptic residential properties. It has an excellent killing effect on microorganisms, fungis, yeast, algae, organic sludge, as well as pathogenic microorganisms. DBNPA is defined by exceptionally rapid sanitation rate and high performance. The sanitation rate can reach greater than 99% in 5-10 mins. DBNPA was compared to the various other 3 biocides. The outcomes reveal that when the very same bactericidal impact is attained, the dose of DBNPA is just 7.5 ppm. The dose is much less than the other three fungicides. After DBNPA is contributed to the system, its active elements can rapidly act on planktonic microbes as well […]

The Principle of Action of Wood Mold Inhibitor 4917-04-4

The effect of wood mold inhibitor 4917-04-4 on mold is achieved through two aspects.   Inhibit the growth and reproduction of mold, so that the number of molds increases at a reduced rate.   Kill individual molds and reduce the absolute number of molds in the system. The former is called bacteriostatic or bacteriostatic. That is, the growth of individual molds is blocked under the action of wood fungicides. So that it can only maintain the survival of the individual, but not to grow and develop. Thereby reducing the number of mold in the system. The latter is called sterilization. It is the process of the death of microbial individuals that cannot maintain normal physiological activities due to the interaction between wood antifungal agents and fungal molecules such as life molecules. Bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects are relatively relative, often related to the concentration of the agent. When the concentration of the agent is high, it shows a killing effect on the microorganisms; when it is treated at a low concentration, it shows an inhibitory effect on the microorganisms. After the wood is treated with the mold inhibitor 4917-04-4, the 4917-04-4 can be contacted with the outer membrane of the mold cell and […]

9 Water Treatment Basic Processes Kinds

Nine kinds of water treatment basic processes. Yes, it is. And do you know what are they? Now, let’s continue to reading.   1. Precipitation Precipitation is usually a multi-step process. It is used to reduce turbidity and suspended matter in water. This multi-step process involves the addition of a chemical coagulant or pH adjuster to react to form flocs. The flocs precipitate in the sedimentation tank due to gravity. Or filter out when water passes through the height difference filter. The precipitation process effectively removes particles larger than 25 μm. 2. Lime – Soda Softening A method of reducing the calcium and magnesium content by adding lime (CaO) and soda ash (Na2CO3) to water is called a lime softening method. The goal is to precipitate calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide (hardness) in the water. This process costs less. But the effect is not ideal. The water hardness usually produced is 50-120 ppm (3-7 gpg). The inadequacy of this process is that the pH of the treated water is high, generally ranging from 8.5 to 10.0. 3. Mechanical Filter (Multi-media Filter) A mechanical filter is a pressure vessel filled with a specified thickness of filter material. When filling a single […]

15 Terms of Water Treatment Chemicals

Water treatment chemicals are the core products in water treatment. It plays an irreplaceable role. The earth’s water resources are seriously deprived. Related companies advocate saving water resources. Improve water resource utilization.   Water treatment agents play an important role in water conservation. At present, the importance of water treatment chemicals is not limited to this. Water treatment chemicals are not only capable of treating water but also important chemical additives in the chemical, petrochemical, paper, textile, and other industries. Understanding the 15 terms below related to water treatment agents can help factories better choose and use them. 1. Conductance: The number of ions that can move between two poles of one square centimeter and one centimeter apart. This is called electrical conductivity. The unit is μs/cm. 2. Resistance: The reciprocal of the conductance. The unit is Ω. 3. Hardness. It refers to the content of calcium and magnesium ions in the water source. Usually expressed in a number of grains per gallon. 4. pH value. It is the relative amount of acid and base in the solution. The pH is a measure of the negative logarithm (log) of the hydrogen ion concentration in the water. The pH value is […]

Secure Online Data Rooms with Physical Data Rooms

This guide is for professionals who want to acquaint themselves with digital information areas. Maybe you’re brand-new to the area of financial investment banking or transactional legislation, and also your associates maintain discussing “the VDR.” Or maybe you’re a business owner that is taking into consideration marketing your firm, as well as your M&A consultant, has actually suggested a virtual information area to you to assist in the bidding process and also due persistence process. In the areas below, we will get you up to speed about what a virtual data area is, what it’s made use of for, who requires it, and why. What Is a Virtual Information Space? An online information room is “an online database of info that is made use of for the keeping and also circulation of documents.” These papers can be organized, shared as well as tracked all within the data room managers’ control and discretion. Online information spaces are suitable for supporting intricate tasks and service processes that call for the disclosure and sharing of personal papers with 3rd parties beyond the firewall. VDRs have actually ended up being an established service for sharing delicate financial paperwork, intellectual property, situation files for lawsuits, […]

Essay Writer Service University Lab Report

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