Australia’s IPL to Acquire Indonesian Fertilizer Plant

Australia’s Incitec Pivot Limited’s (IPL) coal gasification plan, the construction of a refinery to turn coal into gas, is seen as lucrative. And IPL’s plans have led to speculation that the company intends to acquire the Aceh fertilizer plant. Incitec Pivot is a leading global explosives company. It has operations in Australia, Asia and the Americas. We estimate its share of the global commercial explosives market to be about 15%. Explosives contribute 80% of EBITDA. Inciec Pivot is also a major Australian fertilizer producer and distributor. It is also the only manufacturer of ammonium phosphate and urea in Australia. Ammonium phosphate is sold in the domestic market and exported. Indonesian Industry Minister Fahmy Idris noted that IPL may acquire the Aceh ASEAN Fertilizer Plant. IPL and Pusli Fertilizer Plant and Transformation Industries Ltd (Rekin) have joined forces to explore building a plant to supply three local fertilizer plants. namely the Iskandar Muda I and II plants, and the gas required for the Aceh ASEAN Fertilizer Plant (AAF). Fahmy welcomed the coal gasification plan. As it will enable the Aceh fertilizer plant to increase its production to its maximum capacity. “IPL is a fertilizer industry, but in addition to producing fertilizer, […]

Pergolide Have Been Withdrawn from the Market in China due to Safety Risks

Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) of China issued a notice stating that in view of the risk of increased heart valve damage from the preparation of Pergolide mesylate, it was decided that from January 1, 2008, the production, sale, and use of the drug should be stopped by the drug manufacturing, operating and using units, and the approval certificate of the drug will also be withdrawn at the same time. Pergolide mesylate tablets, the indications are that this product is a dopamine receptor agonist and a synergistic drug for the compound levodopa preparation. Pergolide is a drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease. The safety issues of adverse reactions to severe damage to heart valves are well established. Together with its use as second-line adjuvant therapy in the later stages of Parkinson’s disease treatment. Its therapeutic status can be replaced. On March 29, the FDA declared that the drug manufacturer has voluntarily withdrawn the drug from the U.S. market. The products withdrawn from the market include the products of the original issuer Eli Lilly and Company and two generic products. There are currently two companies in China that hold the approval number for the product. Pergolide mesylate tablets […]

EU Raises Standards Affecting China’s Tire and Rubber Industry

On June 1 this year, the much-anticipated EU Restriction of Chemicals Act (REACH Act) will come into force. The bill will implement mandatory registration, assessment, licensing, and implementation of safety monitoring of all chemicals entering the EU market. These include about 30,000 kinds of chemical products, home appliances, textiles, clothing, footwear, toys, light industry, electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and so on. Sources pointed out that the implementation of this bill will have a significant impact on the chemical industry over a period of time. Although a small number of companies with technological advantages are likely to gain excess revenue. But most of the chemical industry enterprises will greatly increase the cost pressure. Among them, tire and rubber manufacturing enterprises may be more impacted. The EU passed the Act on Registration, Evaluation, Licensing and Restriction of Chemicals on December 13 last year. In the 3 to 11 years after the implementation, the EU market about 30,000 kinds of chemical products and its downstream textile, light industry, pharmaceutical and other more than 5 million kinds of manufactured products need to be implemented in all safety monitoring. All relevant chemical and downstream products are required to be registered. And only after being permitted to […]

New Trends in Flexible Packaging Film Processing in Europe

The study entitled “European Flexible Packaging Market 2006” shows that. Although plants are still being rationalized, the €9.3 billion Western European flexible packaging market is still oversupplied. Because of the high costs, most products are not very competitive. In addition, there is a trend for leading brand owners to move food production and packaging outside the UK. They usually build their factories in the new EU member states. This has forced flexible packaging suppliers to follow suit. Large processors in Western Europe can re-locate their plants. By this method to adapt to these changes. But many small and medium-sized Western European converters are unable to do so. They have to endure the pain caused by this change. PCI explained that the rationalization of industry configuration and the continued closure of some plants will balance supply and demand. Overall, the study predicts that European demand for flexible packaging will grow at an annual rate of 1.4 percent. From 9.3 billion euros in 2005 to about 10 billion euros in 2010. However, it is estimated that the growth rate in Western Europe during this period may be less than 1% per year. In contrast, the market demand in Central and Eastern Europe […]