Application of Water Treatment Chemicals in Summer

Application of water treatment chemicals in summer The sewage treatment effect of sewage treatment plant in winter and summer was compared and analyzed. The results show that the average removal rate of COD and BOD is about 79% and 87% respectively. The effluent can meet the standard. The removal efficiency of COD and BOD had no significant difference between winter and summer. The removal effect of SS in summer is better than that in winter. The research results have important guiding significance and practical value for the design of urban sewage treatment plant. After nearly one hundred years of development, activated sludge process has made great progress in technology. Water treatment agent has become the main treatment technology of domestic sewage, urban sewage and organic industrial wastewater. This is one of the main methods to treat urban sewage. Activated sludge process is a method of artificial aeration, which makes the activated sludge evenly distributed and suspended in the aeration tank, fully contact with sewage, and under the condition of dissolved oxygen. What are the effects of water treatment chemicals on water quality? Water treatment is a series of processes to remove some unnecessary and harmful substances in water by physical […]