New Trends in Flexible Packaging Film Processing in Europe

The study entitled “European Flexible Packaging Market 2006” shows that. Although plants are still being rationalized, the €9.3 billion Western European flexible packaging market is still oversupplied. Because of the high costs, most products are not very competitive. In addition, there is a trend for leading brand owners to move food production and packaging outside the UK. They usually build their factories in the new EU member states. This has forced flexible packaging suppliers to follow suit. Large processors in Western Europe can re-locate their plants. By this method to adapt to these changes. But many small and medium-sized Western European converters are unable to do so. They have to endure the pain caused by this change. PCI explained that the rationalization of industry configuration and the continued closure of some plants will balance supply and demand. Overall, the study predicts that European demand for flexible packaging will grow at an annual rate of 1.4 percent. From 9.3 billion euros in 2005 to about 10 billion euros in 2010. However, it is estimated that the growth rate in Western Europe during this period may be less than 1% per year. In contrast, the market demand in Central and Eastern Europe […]