EU Raises Standards Affecting China’s Tire and Rubber Industry

On June 1 this year, the much-anticipated EU Restriction of Chemicals Act (REACH Act) will come into force. The bill will implement mandatory registration, assessment, licensing, and implementation of safety monitoring of all chemicals entering the EU market. These include about 30,000 kinds of chemical products, home appliances, textiles, clothing, footwear, toys, light industry, electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and so on. Sources pointed out that the implementation of this bill will have a significant impact on the chemical industry over a period of time. Although a small number of companies with technological advantages are likely to gain excess revenue. But most of the chemical industry enterprises will greatly increase the cost pressure. Among them, tire and rubber manufacturing enterprises may be more impacted. The EU passed the Act on Registration, Evaluation, Licensing and Restriction of Chemicals on December 13 last year. In the 3 to 11 years after the implementation, the EU market about 30,000 kinds of chemical products and its downstream textile, light industry, pharmaceutical and other more than 5 million kinds of manufactured products need to be implemented in all safety monitoring. All relevant chemical and downstream products are required to be registered. And only after being permitted to […]