By-product Glycerin Will Drive A New Round of Epichlorohydrin Development

In recent years, with the high price of international oil, biodiesel as an alternative energy source is widely popular. And as the biodiesel industry gradually heats up, cheap glycerin emerges in large quantities. It is understood that the biodiesel production process will produce a large amount of glycerin by-product. Every 10 tons of biodiesel production will produce 1 ton of glycerin. This will have a very big impact on the traditional glycerin production enterprises. Many traditional glycerin producers will be forced to close down. The increase of the supply of cheap glycerol by-products will certainly drive the rapid development of new glycerol-based raw material industries. The preparation of epichlorohydrin by “glycerol method” has become a hot spot in the industry. Last year, Dow Chemical and Solvay announced the construction of large scale epichlorohydrin production plants using “glycerol method” almost simultaneously. And several manufacturers have implemented or launched the construction plan of epichlorohydrin using “glycerol” process in China. A global climax of epichlorohydrin development has been formed. According to the experts of China Epoxy Resin Industry Association, “glycerol method” will become the main character of the development of epichlorohydrin. Epichlorohydrin is expected to become the largest application area of glycerol. At […]