9 Water Treatment Basic Processes Kinds

Nine kinds of water treatment basic processes. Yes, it is. And do you know what are they? Now, let’s continue to reading.   1. Precipitation Precipitation is usually a multi-step process. It is used to reduce turbidity and suspended matter in water. This multi-step process involves the addition of a chemical coagulant or pH adjuster to react to form flocs. The flocs precipitate in the sedimentation tank due to gravity. Or filter out when water passes through the height difference filter. The precipitation process effectively removes particles larger than 25 μm. 2. Lime – Soda Softening A method of reducing the calcium and magnesium content by adding lime (CaO) and soda ash (Na2CO3) to water is called a lime softening method. The goal is to precipitate calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide (hardness) in the water. This process costs less. But the effect is not ideal. The water hardness usually produced is 50-120 ppm (3-7 gpg). The inadequacy of this process is that the pH of the treated water is high, generally ranging from 8.5 to 10.0. 3. Mechanical Filter (Multi-media Filter) A mechanical filter is a pressure vessel filled with a specified thickness of filter material. When filling a single […]

15 Terms of Water Treatment Chemicals

Water treatment chemicals are the core products in water treatment. It plays an irreplaceable role. The earth’s water resources are seriously deprived. Related companies advocate saving water resources. Improve water resource utilization.   Water treatment agents play an important role in water conservation. At present, the importance of water treatment chemicals is not limited to this. Water treatment chemicals are not only capable of treating water but also important chemical additives in the chemical, petrochemical, paper, textile, and other industries. Understanding the 15 terms below related to water treatment agents can help factories better choose and use them. 1. Conductance: The number of ions that can move between two poles of one square centimeter and one centimeter apart. This is called electrical conductivity. The unit is μs/cm. 2. Resistance: The reciprocal of the conductance. The unit is Ω. 3. Hardness. It refers to the content of calcium and magnesium ions in the water source. Usually expressed in a number of grains per gallon. 4. pH value. It is the relative amount of acid and base in the solution. The pH is a measure of the negative logarithm (log) of the hydrogen ion concentration in the water. The pH value is […]

Secure Online Data Rooms with Physical Data Rooms

This guide is for professionals who want to acquaint themselves with digital information areas. Maybe you’re brand-new to the area of financial investment banking or transactional legislation, and also your associates maintain discussing “the VDR.” Or maybe you’re a business owner that is taking into consideration marketing your firm, as well as your M&A consultant, has actually suggested a virtual information area to you to assist in the bidding process and also due persistence process. In the areas below, we will get you up to speed about what a virtual data area is, what it’s made use of for, who requires it, and why. What Is a Virtual Information Space? An online information room is “an online database of info that is made use of for the keeping and also circulation of documents.” These papers can be organized, shared as well as tracked all within the data room managers’ control and discretion. Online information spaces are suitable for supporting intricate tasks and service processes that call for the disclosure and sharing of personal papers with 3rd parties beyond the firewall. VDRs have actually ended up being an established service for sharing delicate financial paperwork, intellectual property, situation files for lawsuits, […]

Essay Writer Service University Lab Report

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What are the Elements of Success of Web-Site Design Professional

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